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José Moreno

Music composer for video games, short-films, animations, cartoons and other multimedia

Welcome to my website.

Here you will be able to listen my musical works and know about my music composition services. 


Also, you can find other stuff like my musical research topics (Spanish only), FAQs about my services and some videos featuring my music.


About myself

​José Moreno has made original music compositions for a variety of projects, the most notable are the string arrangements for "La Firma" (2019), which is a very famous Mexican group in the country; string arrangements inspired by the book "En busca de la felicidad" (2019) from Mexican writer Jesús Eduardo Tobias Páder: "Opereta Betlehem" (2017) performed at Teatro Universitario (Monterrey, Nuevo León, México) along with many dancing organizations; Coca-Cola Christmas tree enlightening (2016) at Parque Fundidora (Monterrey, Nuevo León, México); 60 años de Historia de la Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas (2013). 


Has composed music for more than 24 video games of indie developers from different countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark and United States and Mexico. He has also composed music for audiovisual media like the animated short film "Intrusos" (2018) and another short film "The Full Count" (2018), among other multimedia works with educational purposes such as Microconcierto (2018), which is a puppet based show that tell stories or teach several topics that are of interest to children.

Additionally, he has obtained some awards and honors for of his musical creativity, some of them are international such as:
- 3rd place at an international educative project competition performed at the city of Moscow, Russia (2017). 

- 2nd place at international competition regarding music creativity using electronic methods performed in the same place (2019).
- Winner of two national competitions regarding music arranging at the Music Faculty in Mexico.